ISLAMABAD          -       Director General Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority has taken cognizance of the damage caused by the rain at Islamabad International Airport during early hours of 14th August, 2020. 

During the heavy thunderstorm, 56 mm of rain fell in less than 90 minutes. The torrential rain was accompanied by 37 knots winds. The thunderstorm ended just before 4am. As a result, heavy leakage of water occurred at various points of airport i.e. Concourse halls, Domestic Arrival Lounge, CIP lounges and International Departures area. Furthermore, numerous pieces of false ceiling also dropped down at some locations. 

According to the officials, DG CAA has issued directions for a comprehensive report along with a permanent solution within three days. According to Airport Manager and his maintenance staff, heavy leakage due to torrential rain resulted in over flowing of drains at roof top of the passenger terminal building. According to the Civil Aviation Authority, there are multiple solutions under consideration, including adding more water pipes for quick flushing of rain water into multiple drains or changing the entire drainage design over the roof top. 

DG CAA has directed that Project Director IIAP and Airport Manager IIAP shall submit a joint report on the solution to this recurring problem and also take all necessary measures to prevent the same in future. 

Federal Minister for Aviation, Ghulam Sarwar Khan is expected to visit the Islamabad International Airport today (17th August) along with senior officers of the Aviation Division and the PCAA, said the officials.