LAHORE - JUI-F Ameer Maulana Fazl-ur- Rehman has resolved to establish the supremacy of the law and Constitution in the country.

Addressing a ceremony in Peshawar, the JUI-F leader said: “We have been fighting against dictatorial attitudes and will continue to fight against them.”

The JUI-F leader said that national interests should be put before party interests. “If Pakistan is to survive, these leaders must go. Pakistan can no longer function under the incumbent government,” he said. Criticising the government for its ineffective policies regarding the Kashmir conflict, he said: “If Kashmiris are in dire straits even today what have we been doing for over seven decades for their rights? Yesterday, we were thinking about how to take Srinagar, and today we are thinking about how to save Muzaffarabad.”

Stressing that Independence Day should not be limited to celebrations alone, the JUI-F chief said that that freedom should be felt from within. “The nation should feel freedom. The youth should be able to differentiate between the days after independence and the time during British rule,” he added.

Shedding light on the agenda of JUI-F, he said that the party will continue to work to uphold Islamic principles in the country. “We have fallen out of favour with the world just because we insist on upholding Islamic principles.”