ISLAMABAD - The federal government is expected to summon two joint sittings of Parliament, including one at the start of third parliamentary year by the middle of the current month. The sittings have been called as per the customary practice; the President of Pakistan addresses the joint session of the Parliament before the start of each parliamentary year. The lawmakers from both the houses [the National Assembly and Senate] carry out debate over the address of the President before the end of the parliamentary year. The President in his address shares the loopholes in the law and the deficiencies of the present government and gives a future roadmap to the government. The second joint sitting of parliament has been called only to complete legislative business related to FATF. The government and the opposition members would engage in discussion about resolving the matters of FATF related bills next week. These bills, after due deliberations between government and opposition members, would be referred for joint sitting of the Parliament for the approval to make them law.