LAHORE - Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar Sunday said that under the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan, the PTI government had laid the foundation of bringing change in the country.

“We would go all out to do every positive work in order to provide maximum relief to the masses”, he said in a statement.

The Chief Minister claimed that 22 crore people of Pakistan had fully reposed their trust on the transparent leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan. Usman Buzdar complimented that Prime Minister Imran Khan was bravely confronting and combating internal as well as external challenges being faced by Pakistan.

The CM stressed that PTI government was adhering to its noble mission of rendering service to the masses along with ensuring national progress.  He remarked that the PTI government will complete its tenure.

Criticising PTI’s opponents, Usman Buzdar said that the drama of holding APC had flopped before being staged. 

He regretted that opposition leaders floated the idea of holding APC merely for the sake of safeguarding their vested interests. The CM observed that those planning to dampen the journey of Pakistan treading on the path of progress and prosperity should patiently wait for three more years.

Usman Buzdar denounced the opposition parties for what he said making failed attempt to save their accumulated wealth out of loot and plunder. He said that opposition parties had no agenda and regretfully added that opposition leaders made a futile attempt of doing political point scoring on a national challenge like Covid pandemic.

Buzdar commended that the successful strategy adopted by Prime Minister Imran Khan resulted in impeding the spread of the coronavirus.

He acknowledged that effective steps taken by Prime Minister Imran Khan for the eradication of the corona pandemic were also appreciated at international level. 

He condemned that those doing negative politics on corona pandemic should shun the politics of anarchy and chaos.

CM deplored that opposition leaders had nothing to do with the problems of the masses adding that people are fully aware that such political parties ruined the national economy. He maintained that such discarded elements were baffled to see the country moving in the right direction.

CM commends his team for stabilizing prices of wheat flour.

Buzdar said that timely and effective steps taken by the Punjab government have resulted in bringing stability in the prices of wheat and flour.

He claimed that Punjab was the only province where a 20 kg flour bag was available at a fixed rate. 

CM vowed that the government would take every administrative step in future also in order to maintain stability in the prices of wheat and flour.

The CM emphasized that it was his responsibility to safeguard rights of the people of the province and asserted that no one will be allowed to exploit the interests of the masses. 

He directed that officials of the Food Department and concerned administrative officers should continue to monitor the prices of wheat and flour consistently.

The CM directed that relevant departments should remain vigilant to provide maximum relief to the masses.  CM warned that artificial hike in the prices of wheat and flour will not be tolerated at any cost.