Non availability of text books  published  by Punjab Text  Board (PTB)  and National Book Foundation (NBF) in the markets have driven  students into fears  of losing one academic year. 

The students and their parents said that  the process of examination will start within six months  but unfortunately  both NBF and PTB have failed to publish books of all the subjects of class 6 to 12 and their claims of ensuring timely availability of books in the market have remained only tall claims. Owing to Corona virus epidemic the students are sitting idle at homes due to non availability of   books. 

The students spend their time   idle and they continue remain  engaged in unhealthy activities till late night as the non publication of books during the last five months have  changed  their habits as this precious period they would have spent in reading books had the books become available to them. 

The students of 11th and 12th class are suffering heavily as the  excellent achievement in the result of intermediate examination serves as  destiny changer in their life. A lower grade in the examination  plays havoc in their future life and a high grade  brightens their future. 

The  books of Chemistry, Bio, Math , Islamiat and other subjects of 11th class and books of the subjects including Chemistry ,  Pak Studies, Computers and others  are out of print.

The students and their parents have  appealed to the Prime  Minister to at least save the Education sector from annihilation.