ISLAMABAD (APP)- The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has earmarked an amount of Rs 52 million for land acquisition to open 11 new residential sectors. The new sectors include C-13, C-14, C-15, C-16, D-12, D-13, F-13, F-14, E-13, I 17 and H-16. According to the Authority two separate sectors, one each for institutions and industry will also be opened. Currently, the Federal Capital is facing a shortage of 40,000 housing units, which had inflated estate prices. An official said that CDA would soon announce the award for the landowners in sectors C-13, C-14, C-15 and C-16. On the other hand, the civic body has failed to complete development work on sectors D-12, G-12, I-14 and I-16, which were launched over 10 years ago. It is pertinent to mention here that CDA and inter-ministerial committee approved launching of the new sectors a year back and around 110 new employees were appointed in Land Directorate of CDA to prepare land record of those sectors. The Authority's failure in completion of development work on the already launched sectors was adding to housing problem in the Capital. "On the other hand, the civic body had also failed to compensate the affected people of the sectors launched earlier," an official of the Authority said. These people were to be adjusted in Sector I-14 but till now the CDA could not develop the sector creating problems for the affected people as well as the contractor. The official said that currently the Federal Capital was facing a shortage of 40,000 housing units. "The existing number of houses in Islamabad is 70,000 while another 110,000 housing units are required." According to CDA Land Director the civic body had completed most of the documentary work on the new sectors and would soon start land acquisition process. "The authority will acquire land for these sectors under the Land Sharing Formula. Under this formula, the CDA will return one-fourth of the acquired land to the affected people free of cost instead of compensating them," he added. He said development work on the already launched sectors would be completed soon.