LAHORE - The federal government on Tuesday told the Lahore High Court that ban on film trade with India has not been lifted but the rules have been relaxed to allow exhibition of foreign films produced and imported from countries other than India, despite having Indian cast and crew in it. Ministry of Culture and chairman Pakistan Central Board of Film Censors said this in a written reply in two writ petitions challenging permission for the exhibition of Indian films in Pakistan. The policy of the government on film trade with India was unchanged after 1965 war, and the change in rules do not open this trade as it is only meant for the films, irrespective of containing Indian artists and crew exported and owned by the countries other than India, the ministry said. The Ministry submitted that certain films containing Indian artists/crew imported from the countries other than India were being allowed for exhibition in the country in accordance with the provision of the law. He said earlier under Rule 10(2)(b)(iii) of the Censorship of Film Rules 1980 any foreign film irrespective of its country of import, containing Indian/Pakistani artistes was not allowed for exhibition. In order to revive cinema industry, which was declining day by day, the federal government made an amendment in the Rule 10 under which films produced by other countries containing Indian or Pakistani Artists could also be brought into the country, he said. Ministry said all films so far exhibited in the country were imported from the countries other than India and law do not put any embargo on it. As far as petitioners' argument that these films are damaging Islamic ideology, this is negated by the fact that Indian films are being viewed home to home and in uncensored form through electronic media. The reply was submitted in petition filed by film Saghar Nawab chairman Pakistan Film Workers Association and Saleem Butt vice chairman Cinematographers Association of Pakistan challenging exhibition of Indian films in the country. The Petitioner submitted that movies which were exhibited in Pakistan included Goal, Race, Rahguzar, Taray Zameen Par, Bhagam Bhag, Welcome, Bhootnath, Jannat, Kismat Connection, Honey and Money, Love Story-2050, Kidnap and Drona. He said these movies were produced and directed by Indians and were pictured in India. He said in violation of rules the sensor board and cultural ministry allowed their exhibition in Pakistan which was a discriminatory act. He prayed that exhibition of Indian Films in Pakistan be declared unlawful, illegal and against the Film Rules 1980. And till the decision of this petition, no Indian movie to be allowed for exhibition, petitioner also prayed.