More than 600 Pakistani prisoners still languish in Indian jails, 154 of them have completed their term of punishment but are not being freed simply because the government of Pakistan is not taking any serious action for their release. And Pakistani prisoners that actually did get released from India are mostly afflicted with one psychic disorder or the other. Some of them don't even remember their names; having pined for too long in confinement and having undergone great mental and physical torture, they have lost their bearings. One, Sohail Shahzad of Bhawalpur has remained behind bars for 21 years. This is the longest a Pakistani has been imprisoned in India according to human rights organizations. The government of Pakistan should ask the Indian authorities about this persecuted lot of human beings that deserve mercy of their fellow beings. The government needs to take serious steps in this regard as those trapped in Indian jails have nothing except hope to sustain them in the years ahead. -MADIHA ZAIDI, Karachi, via e-mail, December 7.