President Asif Ali Zardari said Pakistanis and Indians are made of the same mud, we look enormously, and we always react emotionally. Fear breeds fear. But I must repeat, India is not the enemy of Pakistan and we are not the enemies of the Indians. In an interview to French daily, President Zardari said ar that the current tension created fear. Of course, some Pakistanis cannot help but remember that India has 4 800 tanks. The only border crossed by these tanks is ours. For reasons of relief, they cannot enter or Bhutan, nor Nepal, nor in China. There among us fear reactive. But what we call today the leadership of the region is precisely to overcome this fear. I will read what I said on September 20 last: "I put myself in the land corpse of my wife. My heart cries tears of blood. I ask you to turn this pain into strength. We are a nation courageous and determined. The death has not taken on us. Pakistan is our country and save us. "And I hope that Europe will help us. Pakistan pledges to pursue, arrest, try and punish anyone involved in the horrible massacre of Bombay. But we put the world on guard against hasty judgments and inflammatory statements. India is a nation that has reached maturity. It is a stable democracy. Pakistanis appreciate what India has contributed to the cause of democracy in this region. But popular anger fueled by the terrorist attacks in Bombay can be a bad advisor. The Indians must pause, catch their breath and reflect. India, Pakistan and the rest of the world must work together to eradicate these terrorists who have spread death in Bombay, which in the past have attacked New York, London and Madrid, which destroyed the Marriott Hotel Islamabad last September. The killers of my wife are closely linked by their ideology, these enemies of civilization. These militants are not miraculously appeared. Pakistan was an ally of the West throughout the Cold War.