BAGHDAD (AFP) - The Iraqi cabinet has approved a bill calling for all foreign soldiers except for American forces to pull out of the country by the end of July, a top MP said on Tuesday. "The cabinet has approved draft legislation on the withdrawal of non-US forces in the coalition," said Hummam Hammudi, Chairman of parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee. "It sets a timetable for a withdrawal of between five and seven months from January 1." The bill, which has to be passed by parliament, would mainly affect the roughly 4,100 British troops deployed at Basra airbase in the south of the country. After a meeting with Hammudi, British Ambassador Christopher Prentice told AFP the bill would pave the way to a new relationship between London and Baghdad. "This law ... provides the legal base for us to complete our mission here, and to complete our support for the Iraqi armed forces and to continue essentially our training role in supporting the Iraqi forces," he said. Meanwhile, four Iraqi soldiers were killed in a car bomb attack in the troubled province of Diyala, north of Baghdad, the military said. "Four soldiers were killed at around 11 am (0800 GMT) when a car bomb exploded in As-Sadiyeh targeting their patrol," the army's operations room said in a statement.