The daughter of Chief Justice of Pakistan managed to get 21 extra marks to improve her grade from C to B in her pre-medical exam to become eligible for admission in a medical college. The media, both electronic and print, is discussing to death this special concession for the daughter of a special person. The matter has even gone to the Parliamentary Committee on Education being headed by one, Abid Sher Ali. The only fault of this girl is that she is the daughter of a high-profile personality. That her marks were increased after the result was announced is irregular; I have no intention of defending her on that score. I advocate merit in this country. Having worked in the secrecy department of the Lahore Board, I deliver lectures in schools and colleges on the topic of "The art of solving test papers and how to score more marks in the exams". I tell the students how the examiners mark their papers and how they should answer a question. In my view there must be hundreds of such examples in this country where under hand methods were used to alter results to get good grades or appointments without due merit. The solution to all these ills is not to be complacent. Whether it is a peon or the President of Pakistan, the law should be equal for all. The culprits should not be spared. That is justice. -MUHAMMAD AZHAR KHWAJA, Lahore, via e-mail, December 10.