LAHORE - Tuesday was the second consecutive day when all bourses in the country dipped down after the removal of 'floor' mechanism on the order of SECP. Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) again Tuesday witnessed some panic trading activities after yesterday tumbled and shed 372.21 points, surpassing 2.21 points compared to Monday business while the Islamabad Stock Exchange (ISE) also recording 5 percent lower locks sent the trading suspended whereas analysts foresee that the market would fall further over the next few days. KSE bourse was opened with a negative note, which remained continue all along the day, as there was no news regarding market supporting fund. The wave of uncertainty prevailed throughout the day investors tried their best to sell their assets on throw-away prices but there were hardly any buyers who willing purchase shares despite their lowest values. The bearish phenomenon yesterday had pulled down the market from 9000 psychological barrier but it seems that within few days the bourse might come near 6,000 barrier. While peeling 372.21 points KSE-100 index today wrapped up at 8,444.89 points. A senior analyst was of the view that unless marketing supporting fund would not poured in the market, bearish trend would intact the markets even in the future also. A leading broker was of the view that investor confidence has been shattered by the economic uncertainty and conflict in the region, in addition to which the government does not come forward to announce a bail-out plan. Earlier, he said, government has promised to pump in over 20 billion rupees in the market as for supporting fund but so far it proved to be a just promised, he said. Tuesday turnover witnessed noteworthy upward trend 25,360,900 shares as compared to Monday 17,863,180 shares. Total 150 scrips traded in the bourse in which only eighteen cos recorded gains while one hundred and twenty-nine scrips sustained losses whereas only three scrips remained unchanged. The highest trading on Tuesday was again seen in the scrip of Zeal Pak like yesterday, which gained its value with volume of 9,639,500 shares as compared to 12,829,000 shares on Monday. The Lahore and Islamabad markets were no different, as both bourses were struggling all the day under bearish thrust, with no external redress in foresight. LSE index shed by 143.71 points closed at 2475.02 points, while ISE index recording 5 percent lower locks witnessed suspension of trading activities. ISE on the second day of the business week could not shed its depressed sentiments, as it continued struggling in the grip of sloppy trading from the very onset, which saw almost all the scrips hitting lower locks in a brief few hours of trading this morning, which led to the early suspension of trading in the market. Sources said that for want of purchasers in the market, most of the contracts were frozen on yesterday's levels. Zeal Pak cement was the leader in volumewise Tuesday which gained value of Re 0.09 closed at Re 0.48 followed by KESC which shed its value of Re 0.94 closed at Rs 1.86 with volume of 3,208,000 shares. Dewan Salman, PIAC and Telecard also lost their values of Re 0.85, Re 0.98 and Re 0.70 closed at Rs 1.09, Rs 2.22 and Rs 2.00 with volumes of 2,157,500, 1,344,000 and 1,106,500 shares respectively. While Pak PTA Ltd and IGI Investment Bank also dipped down and devalued to Re 0.26 and Re 0.98 closed at Rs 1.92 and Rs 2.02 with volumes of 1,046,500 and 1,027,000 shares respectively. Whereas Nimir Indus Chemical gained value of Re 0.07 closed at Rs 1.22 with volume of 999,500 shares. Unity Mod, Jubilee Sp and Habib Mod also gained of Re 0.03, Rs 1.00 and Re 0.04 closed at Re 0.27, Rs 3.00 and Rs 4.50 with volumes of 5,68,500, 277,500 and 248,500 shares respectively. Equity Mod, Redco Tex and Genertech also landed in advance column and gain Re 0.10, Re 0.16 and Re 0.06 closed at Rs 1.03, Re 0.41 and Re 0.66 with volumes of 123,500, 80,000 and 67,000 shares respectively. UDL Mod and Investec Sec also gained of Re 0.01 and Re 0.11 closed at Rs 3.30 and Re 0.48 with volumes of 61,000 and 45,500 shares respectively. Rest of the scrips lost their respective values despite traded heavily. Meanwhile, the KSE-30 index also dipped down and shed 476.93 points wrapped up at 8957.87 points while KMI-30 index also tumbled detaching 515.38 points closed at 10168.30 points. Lahore Stock market, shedding its further value to 143.71 points while LSE-25 index closed at 2475.02 points. ZELP scrip like yesterday's business remained leader volumewise on Tuesday while two scrips recorded gain, fifteen losses and seventy-one remained unchanged out of a total of 235 companies. The turnover of LSE-25 on Tuesday witnessed significant an upward trend and traded 1,229,00 shares as compared to 761,500 shares on Monday. ZELP was the share, which gained Re 0.05 closed at Re 0.49 with volume of 610,000 shares followed by DSFL, which shed value of Re 0.82 closed at Rs 1.12 with volume of 261,000 shares. KESC and TRSM also shed their values of 0.95 and Re 0.83 closed at Rs 1.85 and Re 0.52 with volumes of 105,000 and 50,000 shares respectively. Rest of the scrips also shed their values in the trading.