LAHORE - Banned Pakistan fast bowler Shabbir Ahmed has blamed former PCB Chairman Nasim Ashraf for destroying the country's cricket set up and endangering the livelihood of players. Shabbir, who has been banned by the Pakistan Cricket Board for joining the rebel Indian Cricket League (ICL) said on a television interview that he was appalled at the way the Ashraf had treated players who decided to join the ICL. "At times it seemed as if Ashraf had some sort of personal agenda against the ICL and some interest in the Indian Premier League and allowing players to sign contracts with it," Shabbir said. Earlier, pacer Shoaib Akhtar had also accused Ashraf of taking commissions from the IPL for which he had to face a libel suit. Shoaib later had to retract his allegations and apologise to Ashraf for making unsubstantiated and baseless allegations. Shabbir was of the opinion that if the PCB didn't change its policy towards the ICL, other players would also defect to the rebel league in future. "The same people who are now criticising us for joining the ICL as they term it illegal had played in the Kerry Packer cricket circus despite opposition from other cricket boards. They did because they were getting good money. We have also gone to the ICL to safeguard our future," he said. Shabbir said he had no option but to join the ICL as he had to secure the future of his family. "If the PCB does not improve the financial benefits for the players in domestic cricket, soon they will see more players defecting to the ICL which is offering very good money to professionals." Shabbir and several other Pakistani cricketers have been banned by the PCB for joining the ICL, the recent in the list is senior batsman Mohammad Yousuf. The PCB has said it would not review its policy on the ICL until the International Cricket Council and other member boards recognise the league. Shabbir said he enjoyed playing in the ICL as it offered good competition. "Sooner or later the authorities will have to recognise the ICL as it is big cricket and it is offering big money. Livelihood of many cricketers is now linked to the ICL. How long can they continue to ignore it?" The pacer also noted that previous PCB Chairmen who were not cricketers had no idea on how to manage affairs of the game. "All the previous heads of the Board were clueless. It is good now they have brought a former test player (Ijaz Butt) and other cricketers into the board. Things could change now," Shabbir said.