KARACHI - Leaders of the various political and religious parties on Tuesday termed that the Mumbai incident was a part of international conspiracy against the atomic assets of Pakistan and urged the government to not show appeasement policy towards Indian aggression Attending the All Parties Conference (APC), they vowed that they would ready to sacrifice their everything for the sovereignty, stability and independence of the country. APC was held under the aegis of Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Karachi at JI Karachi office, entitled "Mumbai incident - threats and steps of Pakistan." Prof Ghafoor Ahmed, Central Naib Ameer of JI Pakistan presided the meeting. PML-N Senior Vice President Saleem Zia, Zia Abbas of NPP, Basharat Mirza of PDP, Siddique Rathor of JUP, Mohammad Hussain Mehanti of JI, Yousaf Masti Khan of NWP, Afzal Sardar of MJA, Subhan Ali Sahil of PTI, Aftab Qadri of ST, Ayub Sher of SNP, Nusrat Mirza of PMRC and others addressed the APC. Prof Ghafoor said that during the Musharraf rule Americans had attacked the seminary at Bajaur and killed more than 80 students but Musharraf-led government claimed that it was done by the Pakistani forces. He added that later it was disclosed that US involved in the attack not the Pakistani forces. He equates present PPP-led government with the Musharraf regime alleging that the present government is also repeating the same mistakes done by Musharraf. Referring to government crackdown against Daawa, he said that government had started crackdown against the patriotic citizens, after the UN resolution, to please their imperialist masters. Lambasting President Asif Ali Zardari, he said that British Prime Minister Gordan Brown declared Pakistan in front of Zardari as responsible for Mumbai attacks but he (Zardari) remained silent which was a million dollar question for patriotic Pakistanis. PML-N Sindh Vice President Saleem Zia said that India since the inception of Pakistan had never accepted Pakistan as an independent state. "A strong lobby in India have wanted to disintegrate Pakistan and the fall of Dhaka was the open proof of the conspiracies of this lobby." Referring to the separation movement in India, he said that dozens of separation movements were running in the 30 districts of India but India charged the allegation of Mumbai incident on Pakistan. He said that Hindustan was involved in the insurgency in Balochistan and urged the government to take bold steps against the Indian conspiracies against Pakistan. Other leaders said that weak diplomacy and coward stance by the Pakistani government had encouraged India to adopt aggressive stance against Pakistan regarding Mumbai incident despite pursuing a baseless case. They said that though India did not provide any proof of Pakistan's involvement in Mumbai incident yet it had managed to impose ban on Jamaat-ud-Daawa from UNSC within 24 hours of application. They said now Indian planes were violating Pakistan airspace while Islamabad was advocating Indian case by terming it a technical mistake. They said US and British diplomats and officials were dictating Pakistan to accept Indian demands.