UNITED NATIONS - US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has stressed the need for Pakistan and India to continue cooperating with each other in bringing the perpetrators of Mumbai attacks to justice and ensuring that such incidents are not repeated. 'The key is that the parties need to focus on both bringing the perpetrators to justice and prevention of any such kinds of attacks', she told reporters after attending a meeting of the Middle East diplomatic Quartet at the UN headquarters in New York on Monday evening. She made that statement in reply to a question from a Pakistani correspondent about the heightened tension between the two countries following the incursion of the Indian fighter planes into Pak airspace on Saturday. Rice emphasised that the US has made its position clear that the two countries should continue to cooperate in bringing those responsible for the terrorist attacks to justice. Meanwhile, a State Department spokesman underscored the need for continued dialogue between India and Pakistan. 'We would promote continued dialogue between India and Pakistan. I think that is important for regional stability', spokesman Robert Wood said. 'These are two important players in the region. Dialogue is important. We want to see tensions reduced', he added when asked about reports that India had put on hold the bilateral peace dialogue. Wood acknowledged the fact that Pakistan has been cooperating and noted significance of Islamabad's cooperation since the Mumbai attacks. At the same time, he stressed the need for continued cooperation between the two neighbours in investigation into the incident. He said Pakistan should continue to 'provide all the cooperation necessary with regards to Mumbai investigation'. Asked if he implies that Pakistan has not been cooperating when he says Pakistan needs to continue its cooperation, the spokesman replied. 'No. What I am saying is this that cooperation is needed. They have been cooperating. We think that has been important'. 'The Indians I think understand that Pakistan is trying to do, you know, what it can. But Pakistan needs to continue to work with India to try to help find out who was responsible for these attacks and bring them to justice', he added.