Musharraf blamed the successor government for not being tough enough with the terrorists inside Pakistan and implicitly confirmed that the Mumbai terrorists were from Pakistan. This blatant lie was rattled by him in an interview with the famed US TV interviewer Daphne Barak on Wednesday, December 3, 2008. Incidentally, the interview was arranged on Musharraf's request on his recent sojourn to London. In the hype of the TV interview, he falsely acclaimed himself as the Don Quixote in Bush's War on Terror. He heralded another lie that this kind of violence had never happen during his stint as he had a mindset that he would go with America in its global war on terror. For a bagful of dollars he had put the sovereignty of the country at stake for which the people of Pakistan are paying with their blood. While there were numerous terrorist attacks within Pakistan during his despotic nine-year misrule, there was a big terrorist attack on the Indian Parliament that brought both the countries to the brink of war in 2004. He conveniently forgot to tell who was blamed for this Delhi carnage. It was not Zardari or any other civilian ruler, but Musharraf who was ruthlessly ruling the country on the barrel of a gun, but failed to bring peace within and without the country. He claimed in the interview with Daphne that he thought the only way to deal with terrorists was to fight them. Both, Bush and Musharraf fought for eight long years and failed, and have virtually led the world to Armageddon. Both of them thought they worked well, but it looks like the end of the world. Musharraf's utter submission to Washington's hegemony was beyond any doubt and in this so-called one-sided friendship, even the honour, liberty and sovereignty of the country was put at stake. He took pride in being called Bush's frontline runner in his genocidal war on Afghanistan and Pakistan in the hope that he would be protected by Bush against all odds. Zia and Ayub suffered from the same illusions and bulldozed democracy and rule of law in the country. Between them was Yahya Khan who dismantled the country in the hope that the American seventh fleet would come to protect him. All these gentlemen in uniform perverted the Constitution at will and were not punished as per provisions of the Constitution and ruled the roost for over 32 years. And with Musharraf roaming around scot-free, the door is open for any future adventurer to march in the corridors of power once again. The present fragile multi-party coalition would not be able to stand against any such onslaught without a very strong judiciary. Washington has suddenly changed its strategy vis--vis Pakistan after February 18 poll that exploded the myth of Musharraf's so-called popularity among the people. The way he was rejected speaks volumes about his despotic rule that left the country in shambles. He was ditched by Washington because he was a failure as the frontline runner and to be thrown in the backyard. Had he been successful, Bush would have retained him at least till January 19, 2009, Bush's last day in the office. But, then dreams are not horses. Interviewer Daphne revealed that it was Musharraf, who had asked her to see him and not the other way round. She is a renowned media icon who had not only bagged Benazir and Zardari, but a string of celebrities around the world. In her own polite style referring to Musharraf's contention that the Mumbai terrorists were from Pakistan, she posed a probing question: "You mean if the current administration would have made it clear how strongly they were fighting against terrorism, the tension between India and Pakistan wouldn't have occurred?" Musharraf nodded in agreement and replied, "You said it." But, when she reminded Musharraf about the Kargil debacle, there apparently was no answer. Daphne intelligently put Musharraf in a friendly mood by making a disclosure that she had received numerous e-mails from Pakistan expressing a popular wish to see Musharraf back in power. Power is a word that has always mesmerised Pakistan's former dictator, who relentlessly used it against his own people for over eight years. In that state of mesmerism she pampered him by saying, "Many e-mails are very flattering to you, even some from PPP members." Daphne played her e-mail card so well that Musharraf was fascinated and professed his unbounded love for the people whom he had left in the lurch. And in that state of hypnotic euphoria, Musharraf unlocked his mental reservations and said, "The problem is that media in Pakistan always show negative images. I don't watch TV too often, but whenever I do, they show people killing each other and violence in the streets. What kind of image does it give to Pakistan in the eyes of the world?" Then who brought the people to this state of obliquity; the military dictator that ruled the country for eight years, or the democratic civilian rule that has hardly been in office for about six months? Talking about his literary escapades, Daphne described Musharraf's autobiography In Line of Fire as an entertaining and fanciful account of his time in power. He was not sure about his second book, nor about his much trumpeted journeying around the world to deliver lectures on global terrorism that has increased manifold after 9/11 in which he was Bush's failed-frontline-runner. He admitted to his interviewer that it was easy to write and say fanciful things, when you were in power and there were many stooges around to write for you. At last, he has realised that sans power he is a non-entity. Two years back I was a witness to such a puppet show in PM House in Islamabad when Shaukat Aziz was the PM. He had invited all the members of the Central Working Committee (CWC) to an Iftar party that was attended by all the members of the King's party from all over the country. Musharraf walked in as the chief guest and graciously visited all the dinner tables, protected by all the electronic gadgets and surrounded by the PM and all the provincial CMs and some ministers. It was a naked exhibition of sycophancy. At one table where I was sitting with former speaker of Punjab Assembly, an enthusiast sermonised that all the leaders from Rahimyar Khan to Dera Ghazi Khan were at the beck and call of the military redeemer. Liars never have sharp memory, one over-zealous gentleman claimed that all the tribal sardars in DGK were his ardent supporters and while naming the sardars he even mentioned the name of Sardar Zulfiqar Khosa. I couldn't resist and quipped that Khosa was never a part of any such group of sycophants. Musharraf moved forward. When I questioned the gentleman as to why did he make such a wrong statement? I was shocked when he said that the president was not paying any attention, but he just wanted to score a point. These were the loyalists around Musharraf, and if he thinks that any number of e-mails can bring him back as a redeemer, he is living in fool's paradise. The writer is a retired inspector general of police