LAHORE - Controversial fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar has set himself a target of playing until the next World Cup and completing 400 wickets in One-Day Internationals. "These are my personal goals and I am happy to be given another chance to play for my country. I am working very hard on my fitness and training. I think I can play for two to three years more if I am used in selected matches. Say I play in three out of five One-day matches in a series and I can prolong my career," Shoaib said. Frustrated to be awefully short of playing a single Test this year, Shoaib said, "How can we prove ourselves or our worth without playing tests and against good teams." Though he is one of the most experienced players in the team, Shoaib said he had no ambitions to lead the national team but insisted on the importance of supporting whosoever is the captain. "Whoever gets this honour we all need to support him because it is all about Pakistan cricket," he said. Shoaib also endorsed the idea of playing in domestic cricket and said it would be a good way of keeping cricket alive in the country. "I think it is a good move to appoint all the senior players as captains of their respective provincial teams. I think all of us need to play in domestic tournaments and interact with the youngsters. This is one way to keep the sport going in this country and keeping interest of people alive in cricket," he was quoted by a website. Akhtar also advised the Pakistan cricket authorities to launch their own international Twenty20 league to save the sport from dying in the country. "We are in this crisis together and we need to support each other. I believe we need to take initiative and launch our own Pakistan premier league," he said at the National stadium Karachi. "We need to find our own solution and my advice is find like minded boards, get their support and launch the PPL. There are corporations and people willing to fund such a league and if you offer the right money you can get foreign players to come to Pakistan and send out positive vibes that it was safe in Pakistan." "There is so much passion for the sport in our country and it has great commercial pull. I am so confident if we have our own international T20 league with good money it will be a big success. We need to stop depending on others to support us," he added. Impressed at the way England returned to India to play the two-Test match series after the Mumbai mayhem, Shoaib said India should take inspiration from the Englishmen and tour Pakistan next month. "I support the decision of England to go back to India but I hope England, India and other teams show the same consideration for our cricket and country and fulfill their obligations. It is safe to play in Pakistan."