KARACHI - Senior politician and President Pakistan Mazdoor Kissan Party (PMKP), Fatehyab Ali Khan, has expressed deep sorrow and grief over the fall of Dhaka when Pakistan was disintegrated on December 16, 1971, and a new country was formed, Bangladesh. In an interview to The Nation on Tuesday on the occasion of 37th anniversary of the fall of Dhaka, the veteran politician remembered the fateful days and said that at that time Pakistanis hoped that the 6th fleet of USA would rescue Pakistan and its army. However, it did not happen as wished by the Pakistanis and the nation suffered the greatest tragedy in terms of war against India and the loss of half of the country. The time has not healed the wounds of the war and memory was still fresh in the minds of Pakistanis who suffered the trauma of watching their country being truncated by an international conspiracy led by India. It was treacherous that the USA which had signed a number of defence pacts with Pakistan eagerly saved its own people but left thousands of Pakistanis at the mercy of the invaders. These Pakistanis which included a large number of personnel of Pakistani army were incarcerated in Indian jails. When the desperate political and military leadership of the then Pakistan reminded America about the existence of defence pact, they came with the argument that the pact meant against aggression from a communist state. The Americans preferred treacherous arguments that helped the Indian aggression. It was really unthinkable and against all norms of diplomacy and international law that the world stood by covertly encouraging India to achieve its nefarious designs in the region. He, however, said that the USA rescued its own people and left the Pakistanis to become prisoners on the plea that the defence pact between USA and Pakistan was only against the aggression by a communist country against Pakistan and not India. Now the prisoners of war have come back to the remaining part of Pakistan but the survivors, the civilian victims are still languishing in 70 refugee camps in 13 different districts of Bangladesh. Khan, who is heading the Institute of International Affairs (PIIA) as chairman, told a group of Bangladeshi journalists that visited Pakistan Institute of International Affairs (PIIA) recently, that it is good omen that bilateral and multilateral talks had commenced and SAARC had been established, but the fundamental issues were still not resolved. Colonial power like Britain, France, Spain, Portugal have conferred dual nationalities on the colonial people, therefore, my strongest suggestion is that the governments of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh should confer the status of dual nationalities to the people of their countries on the pattern of the colonial powers, to restore confidence among the people. Khan, who has a grip over the international affairs, said that had Pakistan and India conferred dual nationalities to their citizens, the Mumbai incident would have not taken place.