It is generally believed that the choice of words used in speaking or writing generates corresponding feelings and hence develops thinking, which can be either constructive or destructive. If we critically analyze the most common words used nowadays in the electronic and print media, one notices only words like terrorists, militants, suicide bombers, Talibans, war against terror, drone attacks, border escalations, security lapses, red zones etc, etc. All these aggressive words carry negative effects. By speaking or writing these words, we create panic, uncertainty and frustration in the society. It is strongly suggested to the media personnel (in particular) to use only soft words that carry no negative meanings. For instance, one could use 'irritants' instead of 'militants', 'war for peace' instead of 'war against terror', 'anti-pacifist' instead of 'terrorist' etc, etc, etc. One should use soft words like fraternity, brotherhood, humanity etc, etc, as often as one can, to generate positive feelings. -MUBASHER JAMIL, Rawalpindi, via e-mail, December 11.