The shockwaves and ripples caused by the Mumbai carnage refuse to subside. India's rapid-fire recourse to the UN Security Council to take action against Pakistani based religious organisations, even before the inquiry into the Mumbai attack was concluded, speaks volumes for India trying to deflect the responsibility for the attacks from its own security agencies to Pakistan. The Mumbai mayhem bared India's repugnant nature. The venom spewed against Pakistan in unison by its ruling junta and its media reveals the conspiracy of the event being a staged drama. Let us examine a neutral report; in the wee hours of November 27, only a few hours into the Mumbai attack, an international response team of two ZAKA paramedics and a further six ZAKA volunteers headed to Mumbai. ZAKA, an abbreviation for Zihuy Korbanot Ason, literally: "Disaster Victim Identification", is an Israeli voluntary, humanitarian organisation that works alongside the police, military and emergency services at the scene of terror attacks. ZAKA trained volunteers support Israel's disaster management services by assisting the wounded, administering first aid, treating survivors suffering from shock and rescue and focusing on the crucial task of recovering corpses and body parts, and identifying the victims to that they can be accorded a proper Jewish burial. The head of the ZAKA team in Mumbai, Haim Weingarten, in a telephonic interview to the The Jerusalem Post on December 1, 2008 charged that the Jewish hostages in the Chabad House may have been killed by Indian elite National Security Guard commandos, and not by the terrorists. ZAKA spokesman Motti Bukjin stated that the group had no intention of levelling charges against the Indian government but added that ZAKA volunteers worked around the clock in Mumbai helping to identify the bodies, sponge up blood for burial with the bodies, deal with damaged Torah scrolls in the Chabad House and remove the six bodies from the house. ZAKA's observations created public criticism in Israel, embarrassed India and exposed the fabrication of the Indian charges against Pakistan. In a bid to apply further pressure on Pakistan, India began talking about taking punitive action against the perpetrators of the terror attack. It put its forces on high alert, and in continuation of the propaganda attack against Pakistan, it is following the handbook of subversion in letter and spirit. According to Thomas Schuman, an ex-KBG officer, the first step in subversion is Demoralisation, it acts on various "levels" of national and human activity and commences by affecting the level of consciousness (ideology), which involves infiltration into mass media, educational systems, organised religion and religious groups, cultural and professional groups and organisations. Its main goal: psychological change of national and individual perception of reality to such an extent that majority of a nation does not perceive any danger emanating from totalitarianism. Secondly, targeting the level of authority, subversion on this level requires infiltration into domestic institutions of a nation as well as into her foreign policymaking bodies. Thirdly, by assailing the level of economy, create frustration and disarray. Stage Two is Destabilisation, which involves side-tracking of the public attention to the non-issues; thus, rendering a nation helpless and defenceless in the future event of political terrorism; breaking down of democratic institutions and replacing them with a number of centralised government appointed bodies, people can not re-elect or get rid of otherwise; breaking down of national unity (ethnic, racial, religious linguistic etc); physical sabotage and arrangement of accidents on transport, power stations etc to create an atmosphere of insecurity and panic. Stage Three is Collapse, Explosion and entails interrelations between parts of economy break down; general strike; growth of terrorism and crime; total discontent; currency crisis; collapse of the government and import of an alternative "exile" government; power concentrates in the hands of the militant "revolutionary" group, who will be disposed off later on. The nation is ripe for the final act of subversion: "Invitation of an external occupational army." If we examine the series of events in 1970 and 1971, we notice that India put into effect a heinous plan which ultimately led to the dismemberment of our eastern wing. It is trying similar tactics for the last few years in Balochistan and our tribal belt. Its odious stratagem to destabilise Pakistan through Afghanistan is now an open secret. It has been attempting to grind Pakistan in the mortar and pestle of western angst and Indian fury. ZAKA may have spilled the beans on the Mumbai attack, but Indian machinations to subvert Pakistan continue unabated. The writer is a political and defence analyst