ISLAMABAD PML (N) Senator Zafar Ali Shah said on Wednesday that concept of indemnity was a distorted concept and it was the right of public to get information about the assets of Asif Ali Zardari and Nawaz Sharif. He said whole nation greatly respects Armed Forces and judiciary but all are answerable. He said it is high time and every institution should work in its limits. He termed December 16 as a Black Day in the history of the country. It is awful that despite passing 39 years, reasons of disintegration of the country cant be fixed. Unfortunately Hamudur Rehman Commission Report could not be published. He said it is now the responsibility of media to dig out hidden truths regarding disintegration of the country. Addressing a conference of Sustainable Policy Development Institute, Zafar Shah said that public hearing of critical cases was beauty of the countrys judicial system. There is no concept of indemnity in the Constitution, he said and added, However, I am active activist of PML (N) but in my view, my leader (Nawaz Sharif) is also answerable to the public and judiciary as well. He said that unprecedented interventions of the generals into the democratic set up of the country ruined the image of the Armed Forces to a great extent. He claimed that he had personally told the generals how much they were wrong whenever they decided to intervene.