ISLAMABAD - Although, the motherland is suffering from challenging phase of its existence yet adhering to honesty, commitment and unity can ensure peace, tranquility and prosperity in the country. This was the message of the play in verse 'Aur Sooraj Qaid say Choot Gia (And the sun was released from imprisonment). The script was written by Ahmad Aqeel Rubi and directed by Muhammad Waqar Azeem. The title of the play is symbolic and presents past and present of the nation. The story of the 'night-state revolves around a king called 'Mom ka Badshah (A wax king) an aggrieved mother, who is struggling for the survival of her five sons, and determination of Hussain, who dares to raise voice against the god of evil. The king had decided to extend his cruel rule defying all kinds of rights to the citizens. He orders to punish those who raise voice against his notorious rule. Despite restrictions, Hussain successfully manages the rebellion move against the cruel king. He along with other countrymen has been bearing the atrocities by the god of evil for long. At last close aids of the god of evil left him on the mercy of masses. And that was the time when god of evil surrendered himself before the will of common men. The revengeful countrymen under the supervision of Hussain termed all the laws of evil regime null and void. The play was all set in the backdrop of the countrys prevailing situation, as the masses of all the four provinces including Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) are worried over the deteriorating law and order situation of the country. However, likewise Zulm To Zulm hay, barhhta hay to mit jata hay the masses are waiting for a revolution, which would change the whole scenario of the country as well as their fate. The audience appreciated the artists for rendering a spell-binding performed.