LAHORE - The executive committee meeting of the Lahore Bar Association (LBA) will be held on Monday to decide fair distribution of Lahore High Court's cheque of Rs 5 million issued as compensation money for injured lawyers and LBA's loss of fixtures during protests launched for the transfer of ex-District and Sessions Judge Sheikh Zawar Ahmad, TheNation learnt. LHC new Chief Justice Ijaz Ahmed Chaudhry had requested the lawyers on last Saturday to accept the cheque of Rs 5 million for the treatment of lawyers who got injuries during protests. Fierce fights occurred between the lawyers and the police. As a result of scuffle, some lawyers and policemen received injuries. Police had also violated the sanctity of LBA when it thrashed the lawyers inside the Bar that triggered the violent situation at Aiwan-e-Adl causing injuries to lawyers and loss to fixtures of LBA. Apex court taking suo moto of the incidents had ordered an inquiry into the matter, which presented its report in this regard. LHC former CJ Khawaja Muhammad Sharif who according to lawyers' statements and slogans had become party in the matter of Zawar's transfer showed his will to give compensation money to the lawyers but they refused categorically. On last Saturday, new LHC CJ Ijaz Ahmed Chaudhry requested the lawyers to accept the cheque of Rs five million during the inauguration of LBA's first website, which they (lawyers) accepted.LBA Secretary Qasim Hassan Bhuttar told TheNation that the announced cheque has so far not been deposited in the LBA's bank account, claiming that it would be deposited within next three to four days. Responding to a question whether the distribution of the announced money would be completed during the period of current LBA body or next body would take the task of distribution, Qasim said LBA's current executive committee's meeting to be held on coming Monday could decide the fair and honest distribution of five million rupees. Responding to another question, he further claimed that injured lawyers could be compensated in a better way during the regime of current body as compared to the next new LBA body.On the other hand, he further said that it would be difficult for the current body to get the destroyed fixtures' renovation completed because the LBA new elections would be held on January 15, 2011. Commenting on the fair and honest distribution of five million rupees, some lawyers commented that an 'audit committee' should be formed comprising members from current and next new body so that all the complications and reservations could be avoided against the distribution.