ISLAMABAD  – Federal Minister for National Regulation and Services Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan on Sunday said the ministry has devised a comprehensive plan to introduce prescription based mechanism in the country and curbing the trend of addiction through medicine components.

The minister said sale of drugs without producing prescription in the open market has opened ways for drug mafia to use drug ingredients for addiction. Talking to media she stated that 80 percent morphine related drugs are used in operations but the component in large quantity could be utilized for addiction.

In this regard, she added, a committee has been constituted under the chairmanship of the Secretary Ministry of Narcotics control and standard operation procedures has been developed for allocation of controlled substances essential for manufacturing medicine. She stated that they have demanded the data of substances used by the companies during last three years from the pharmaceutical companies and on provision of these documents quota will be decided for the year 2013.

She further stated that to ensure transparency in the process of quota allocation, both the ministers of NR&S and Narcotics Control are not included in the committee and only the secretaries of both the ministries will be part of the body. The minister said their main concern is to ensure that drug manufacturing components should only be used for preparation of drugs and avoid using them as addiction.

Dr Firdous said National Narcotics Board is also monitoring quota allocation to the pharmaceutical companies so that no one would face any loss due to delay or scarcity of required components and side by side discouraging factors who want to use these medicine components for drugs. She said pharmaceutical industry is the only sector in which seven percent growth rate is being achieved despite all the challenges and they are focusing to encourage investment to bring valuable foreign exchange in the country.