RAWALPINDI  – The overcrowded Adiala Jail, accommodating more than 5,000 prisoners, especially underprivileged prisoners, is a vast complex but suffering from multiple problems including substandard and unhygienic food and water, besides poor accommodation arrangements.

The prisoners are deprived of clean water and mostly served with substandard food, which has led to breakout of several diseases amongst the inmates. At least one hundred patients were said to be suffering from infectious disease in the second week of December, 2012.Witnesses said that it is almost a routine that more than one hundred inmates suffer from different diseases and they are left unattended unless there is some emergency.

Inmates are made to pay Rs 3,000 every month for provision of basic facilities in the jail. Every kind of drugs, including heroin powder, hashish and opium, are available in the jail. In addition, privileged prisoners use mobile phones with the connivance of the corrupt officials of the prison.

The worst humiliation is faced by new prisoners in the form of ‘mulahiza’ (presentation) when they are presented before jail superintendent. During the most humiliating exercise in which every new prisoner stands in front of superintendent and speak out his name and his father’s name in loud voice and tell the crime for which he has been sent to the prison.

Moreover, they are loudly abused in vulgar language and beaten up by jail staff during the course.

In order to further humiliate the under trial prisoners or those on judicial remand, they are thrown in the barracks of drug addicts or dacoits. Those who pay to the jail officials are shifted to other cells where less dangerous people are kept.

Moreover, the relatives of the prisoners talking to INP complained that they have to face difficulties to handover various edibles and other items to their loved ones, adding that officials ask for bribe and make humiliating statements.  

‘Hate crime not criminal’ is boldly written on the main wall of the every barrack in the prison but prisoners said, “In Adiala Jail, hate is for criminals not crime which instead of reforming mentality of the prisoners make them hardcore criminals due to the attitude of the jail authorities”.

It should be mentioned here that outer look of the prison is clean and clear to show visiting high-ups of prison condition ‘Sab Acha’ (everything all right) but the unhygienic conditions in jail give rise to several diseases.

Sources said that there are prisoners more than the capacity of Central Jail Adiala and they are accommodated in the overcrowded barracks without paying any attention to the rights of the prisoners.

It should be mentioned here that prisoners were jailed for their crimes but they are not deprived of basic amenities and human rights anywhere in the world, therefore provision of clean drinking water and hygienic food should be ensured to them.