HAFIZABAD - People's Party Azad Jammu and Kashmir held a meeting under the chair of Dr Abdul Qayyum and through a resolution, appealed to the Pakistan government to fix recruitment quota for the refugees children of Jamu & Kashmir.

Through another resolution, the meeting appealed to the prime minister of Azad Kashmir to set up a J&K Refugee Colony in Hafizabad. It was pointed out in the meeting that a large number of refugees were settled in the district and they deserve free of cost residences.

JI CRITICIZES MQM: Jamaat-e-Islami has strongly condemned murder of Dr Pervaiz Mehmood in Karachi and appealed to the govt to arrest the killers without further delay.  At its meeting held here under the chair of Dr Muhammad Yaseen Ansari, the Amer of JI Hafizabad district, strongly held the MQM responsible for the murder. The meeting also stressed the need for implementing the Supreme Court decision in curbing the criminal activities of the MQM.

TEACHERS' DEMAND: The SES Teachers Association Hafizabad District has called upon the government to implement the teachers' package.

At its meeting held here under the chair of Abu Bakar Alvi, It called upon the government to prepare a seniority list and demanded disbursement of first installment of conveyance allowance with monthly salary.