ISLAMABAD - The federal government employees, who have applied for flats under the Pakistan Housing Authority scheme and are supposed to get possession of new homes on their retirement, are left high and dry as the project, which was launched in 2009 and is to complete in 2013, is yet to start.

Some of the officers who retired from service in last couple of years and had made down payments for securing flats in Sector I-12, which is 25 per cent of the total cost of the flats, are clueless what to do as they had paid their savings to Pakistan Housing Authority in shape of down payments and now they are forced to live in the rented house as the work on flats, which are supposed to be handed over to them on their retirement, is yet to start for reasons best known to the high-ups in the Ministry of Housing and PHA.

Giving details of the project, these officers informed TheNation that former Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani had announced the project in 2009 and under the plan PHA was to construct 460 flats in I-12 which were to be given to federal government officers serving in grades 17, 18 and 19.

Under the rules preference would be accorded to the officers retiring from service in 2010 to 2013 and the officers had deposited 25 per cent of the total cost of the flats to NHA, which was Rs 853,000 for the flats offered to officers working in Grade 17 and 18 while it was Rs 1,100,000 for Grade 19 officers.

Scores of officers who had applied for securing plots and had even deposited 25 per cent of the total cost of the flat with NHA were at a loss what to do now as most of them had retired from their service in past couple of years and were forced to live in rented houses as the project which was to be completed in year 2013 was yet to start.

Now these officers were running from the pillar to the post to know why the NHA was sleeping on the project whereas the officers who had dreamt of their own house in Federal Capital were compelled to live in rented houses for none of their fault.

Narrating their ordeal these officers said that the apathy of the high-ups in the Ministry of Housing could be judged well from the fact that despite applications and requests made to them from time to time they were unmoved and not taking any concrete step for resolving this issue.

They further said that the political government was about to complete its mandated term in next few months but no one was ready to raise this issue concerning hundreds of officers who had given their prime to the nation and now they are being made to run from pillar to the post to get their due right.

These officers demanded of the Prime Minister, Federal Minister for Housing and bosses of National Housing Authority to immediately initiate work on the said project and mitigate the sufferings of these officers who just wanted to have their own shelter for which they had paid from their lifelong savings.