SWAT - The city has started experiencing 10 hours power loadshedding once again, with a blackout every other hour, duration of loadshedding is 10 to 12 hours in city, and in last few weeks, duration of loadshedding was not more than 3 hours in 24 hours due to which peoples get relaxed, but few days ago, once again load shedding started and peoples are suffering 10 to 12 hours loadshedding in 24 hours, in outskirts areas of Swat 20 hours load shedding started, the weather in swat is now changed and winter season is started here in swat and peoples also not using Air conditioners and Fans but despite the oppressive load has been resumed, the water supply due to load shedding is being affected.

Locals had no option but to tolerate the massive loadshedding, with extreme weather conditions setting in.

The elected members of Swat MNA Muzafzarul Mulk and MPA Wajid Ali khan are busy in their luxurious life and they have no worries of local’s dwellers of Swat.

Arshad Ali told TheNation that it’s very difficult to maintain body temperature warm without light because winter season of swat valley is popular for its extreme cold in all over the world so I request our rulers that they should take immediate step against the worst load shedding in Swat he added.

Farman Ali, mechanic shopkeeper told TheNation that majority of poor’s are badly suffering from load shedding, we have only one income source and that revolves against light if the light escapes 10 hours in the daily life routine so how can we earn and how can we feed our families, he further said that large number of poor’s involved in dacoits activities because there is no other way of earning. Farman added.

Ghani local factory worker told TheNation that Worst power outages have adversely affected the shopkeepers and small factories, but also made the lives of three thousands factory workers miserable.

While when contacted XCN Wapda Mingora city Sher Rehman khan, he said that we don’t know about the loadshedding but the RCC officer gives directives to the Switch room, they off the light from the grade station without any reason and no one can ask why?

Despite the fact that in winter season power load reduces as fans, Air Conditions, Freezers & other cooling things turn off and still there is 10 to 12 hours load shedding facing in the area.

The power shutdown duration is being increased with every passing day in the city. Housewives, students, elderly people, children and patients have to suffer a lot due to power outages.

People could not properly take rest due to nighttime load shedding, which also affects their physical and mental health.

They dwellers of Swat demanded from, Chief Minister, GM Wapda, Sectary Peshawar, Chief Justice Peshawar High Court, and others that they should take strictly action against the responsible authorities and the long hours of load shedding should be reduced immediately locals added.