Zeeshan Abbasi, the captain of Pakistan Blind Cricket team was served acid filled bottle at breakfast in Banglore, India, where Pakistan defeated the India team for the fourth time and thanks be to Allah he is out of danger, but this is the worst possible nastiness India could have show towards the visitors. God forbid, say for discussion only, if Zeeshan had been inflicted with some serious health complications, due to drinking acid, then who would have been held responsible for such an irresponsible act? Would harming him have gained a victory for India?

If at all Indians felt insulted at the defeat they should have held their own team and its management responsible. I blame Pakistani officials also for not being cautious and failing to protect their team, particularly when Pakistan defeated its arch rival India and that too on India ground. It is human psychology that when someone cannot defeat the other team in the playground, or battle field, then they will lower themselves to the degree that India did to harm the players. This was a shot below the belt and not expected from a country such as India, that declares itself to be equal to any European country. Indians easily hoodwinked the Pakistani officials who must have been blind to what was going on. They did not accompany the team for a sightseeing tour but to take care of a team that was handicapped.

Our Interior Minister rehman Malik should have enough courage to tell India that in protest to the attack on Zeesha Abbassi he will cancel his visit to India to celebrate his birthday there as planned. He should also demand unconditional apology from India for such callousness. However, if he still goes to India then it will prove that he holds himself above the country and its respect. If this had happened in any other country heads would have rolled by now, but alas nothing has been done in this regard on both sides of the border. We are ready for India to get away with murder just to keep them happy, are we? Why has everyone remained quiet? We have not heard from the president, prime minister or our foreign minister on this issue?

We should not forget that our blind cricket team was representing the country and not a private club or a street group and official decorum must be maintained at all cost and we should not compromise on it come what may provided we are an honorable an respectable nation. Silence must be broken and our roar must be heard in India so that it dares not even think in future to harm anyone.


Kuwait, December 8.