KARACHI - The Pakistan Muslim League-Functional’s Hyderabad public gathering has heralded a big political change, party’s secretary general Imtiaz Ahmed Sheikh told a news conference on Sunday, throwing an open challenge to the ruling Pakistan Peoples Party to put up such a massive show of power in Sindh. The Pakistan Muslim League-Functiona leader termed their Friday’s meeting a referendum against the Sindh People’s Local Government Act, 2012, saying the public participation in huge numbers in the meeting proved their rejection to the new local government system of the Pakistan Peoples Party which, according to him, aimed to bifurcate the province of Sindh and divide the people. He also announced that the anti-SPLGA protest would continue till its abrogation.The Pakistan Muslim League-Functiona leader, however, thanked all the nationalist parties and other groups for making the meeting historic. About his party’s preparations for the next general elections, Sheikh said their Hyderabad meeting marked the beginning of their electioneering. The Pakistan Muslim League-Functiona would reach a seat-adjustment formula with the nationalist parties, he said while adding that now all the nationalist groups were untied under the leadership of Pir Sahib Pagara. He predicted that a grand alliance would be pitted against the Pakistan Peoples Party in the next polls. Skeikh also told the media that his party met with President Zardari and asked him to annul the new act, but he declined their request. He said that his party would not accept any step against the intests of the people of Sindh.