KARACHI - Sindh Information Department Director General Dr Zulfiqar Ali Shallwani has clarified an advertisement published by the APNS in different newspapers on December 15, 2012, in which it was claimed that the department owed outstanding dues to PNS member publications and such dues pertained to the period of 2010-12. Referring to the advertisement, he explained that the period mentioned by the APNS was incorrect as the actual period ranged from 2004 to 2012. He added that most of the dues related to 2008 and before and the dues claimed by the APNS were verified and scrutinised by a departmental committee and Rs37 crore were verified as outstanding dues. However, Rs 25 crore had been paid to the APNS from time to time during the current financial year and efforts for paying the remaining amount of Rs 12 crore were underway.He added that the department had also paid the dues of Pervez Musharraf and Arbab Rahim government’s as well of the present government. “The department considers it a prime responsibility to help the newspapers industry by making all overdue payments.