MAILSI - The execution of Pakistan-Iran gas pipeline project has been delayed continuously by the government following severe pressure from America who has openly expressed her reservations about the project which is a must to cope with the prevailing energy crisis the country has been grappling with.

President Asif Ali Zardari has 'apparently' postponed his scheduled visit to Iran by bowing to American pressure.

This was stated by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Mailsi Tehsil President Chaudhry Muhammad Akmal while talking to the media here the other day. The PTI leader pointed out that Iran was a neighbouring brotherly Islamic country and cooperation and strengthening of bilateral ties would benefit Pakistan greatly.

He mentioned that it was the conspiracy of anti-Muslim elements not to let the Pak-Iran gas pipeline executed and Zardari was toeing their line. "How can a corrupt leader dare stand up in the face of their "foreign masters" and talk of sovereignty when they are ruling just because of their support", he alleged, adding that if the Pakistani government did not fulfil the agreement on gas pipeline it would have to pay Rs200 million per month as fine.

The PTI leader stressed that the gas pipeline from Iran would help Pakistan ensure smooth supply of gas to the industry which had been on the verge of collapse. Rendering thousands of employees jobless and forcing the industrialists to shift their businesses to other countries.

He called on the political and religious parties and civil society team up to press the government complete the Pak-Iran gas pipeline. Imran Wahid, Sheikh Hasnain Raz, Saifullah, Mian Ahram Manzoor, Asif chohan and Amir Chohan were also presented on the occasion.