KARACHI - Sindh Minister for Special Education & Archives Rafique Engineer said on Sunday that the project of Kalabagh dam had been rejected by the people of Pakistan; therefore it could not be pursued.He said the three provincial assemblies had passed a resolution against the construction of Kalabagh dam. He said that some political parties were playing a political game over the issue of the dam, but the people of Pakistan were aware of them. In a press statement, the minister said the government had been struggling day and night for the development of the country and betterment of its people.He said Lyari was a home of supporters and voters of Bhutto, where the government provided basic facilities as well as jobs in various departments, distributed auto rickshaws among the poor, constructed hospitals, a university, roads, playgrounds and drainage system. The minister further said that many development projects initiated in the province of Sindh by the government were completed and the remaining would be completed very soon. Talking about the coming elections, the minister said that the polls would be on time and 100 free, fair and transparent, and the PPP would emerge successful with flying colors. He further said that democracy in Pakistan had been strengthened due to the dynamic personality and political vision of President Asif Ali Zardari.Meanwhile, Senior Minister for Education & Literacy Pir Mazharul Haq said that in public gathering of the Functional-League in Hyderabad the wrong perception was given and facts were distorted. “No file was moved in the regimes of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and Benazir Bhutto for the construction of Kalabagh dam,” he said in a statement on Sunday. He said that Nationalists, Nawaz Sharif and other certain elements were trying to make fool out of the people of Sindh, but they knew well their friends and foes. He said that in 1984, the scheme for Kalabagh dam was moved by Ziaul Haq and his political son Nawaz Sharif announced in the assembly to construct it. With the participation of PML-N leader Saleem Zia in the public gathering of Functional-League it had showed their real faces to the masses of Sindh. The minister added the followers of Zialul Haq and his cabinet members were equally responsible in the crime.Meanwhile, Sindh Minister for Revenue Jam Mehtab Hussain Dahar said that those who were playing politics on the issue of Kalabagh dam were trying to provoke the feelings of Sindh. “This anti-Sindh project was initiated by Ziaul Haq and endorsed by Nawaz Sharif,” he said in a statement issued here on Sunday. The minister said that three provinces unanimously approved resolutions against the construction of Kalabagh dam and to start discussion on it was the waste of time.He said the PPP government had done record development works in the country. “The PPP believes in democracy and strengthening of the institutions. Elections will be fair, impartial and transparent.” He added that all alliances and conspiracies against the PPP would ultimately die their own death. He advised Sharif Brothers to pay attention towards eradication of corruption instead of issuing statements against the government in either case the people of Punjab would take stand against them.“In the Punjab, favourtism and nepotism are on rise and Shahbaz Sharif is awarding all contracts of development works to his relatives,” he alleged.