LAHORE- Punjab Government’s spokesperson Senator Pervaiz Rashid on Sunday said that the Chairman NAB has issued statements declaring Punjab responsible for 65 per cent  corruption in the country at the pressure of such a government which itself has been setting historic records of Corruption.

Rashid said that the whole world knows that the sun rises and sets everyday with a new story of corruption of Peoples Party. Senator Pervaiz Rashid said that the Board of Revenue which is a federal institution and collects 80 per cent revenue of the country and the FBR and federal government were responsible for the theft of the taxes of 2100 billion rupees.

He said that the chairman NAB had himself pointed out annual corruption of 5000 billion rupees in the mega projects of federal government but why was he afraid of taking legal action? He questioned chairman NAB whether Punjab was responsible for the annual corruption of 5000 billion rupees in mega projects of federal government; whether Punjab had looted billions of rupees from hujjaj; whether PIA, WAPDA, OGDC, Railways and Steel Mills, which are dens of corruption are under the control of Punjab government; whether Punjab government is responsible for embezzlement of billions of rupees in fertilizers, loot and plunder of funds of widows from Baitul Mal and misappropriation of billions of’ rupees in projects like safe city and whether those who have embezzled billions of rupees in the name of rental power plants and bankrupted the country arc in power in Punjab.

He said that why chairman NAB does not see the biggest wheat scandal of the country’s history in the tenure of Ch. Pervaiz Elahi who gave wrong statistics about wheat production in Punjab only to get commission on expert permit as a result of which 25 million tons wheat was exported and Chaudhary Brothers made away with 85 billion rupees while the common man had to wait for hours in queues for ‘Atta’. He expressed his astonishment that chairman NAB was so ignorant that it does not know the accused involved in the dacoities of billions of rupees in N1CL, Punjab Bank and rental power plants and was leveling baseless allegations of corruption against such an exemplary Punjab government whose good governance and transparency has been acknowledged by the Transparency International, Asian development Bank, World Bank and the department for International Development of UK