NOWSHERA - Former ameer Jamaat-s-Islami (JI), Qazi Hussain Ahmad said on Sunday that rulers must quit US alliance and focus on restoration of peace in the country.

He said due to wrong foreign policy, Pakistan has been passing through a critical phase. The rulers must quit the US alliance and restore peace, he said while talking to media persons at a weeding ceremony in Nowshera.

The JI ex-ameer said that prior to its scheduled time March 16, the Prime Minister must dissolve assembly and announce date for holding general elections, otherwise, it was feared that third force might take advantage of the situation.

He asked government to announce date for holding coming elections so that to end the existing rumours among people for the possibility of delaying elections in the country.

He alleged that QMA has deprived millions of voters in Karachi of their right to cast their votes, which he termed an injustice, adding that quarters concerned must take notice of the situation.

He said that despite being in power for about five years, the existing government has totally failed in restoration of peace in the government.

He accused US and Israel of the existing unrest in the country asked government to say goodbye to the alliance against war on terror.