KASUR – Prime Minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf has urged opposition parties to end politics of confrontation and start a ‘new morning’ in politics for a better Pakistan.Addressing a public gathering here on Sunday, he stressed national unity and strengthening of institutions saying that “December 16 (the fall of Dhaka) is a constant reminder that there is no room for any future blunders in politics”.In the same speech, the PPP leader proudly said that their government completed its tenure “despite white lies of their political opponents, media trial and other conspiratorial tactics” employed to defeat and eradicate their party.Speaking in the city of Bulleh Shah, from whose poetic expression “kulli, julli, gulli (shelter, clothing, bread)” the PPP most probably bowered its main slogan of rotti, kapra aur makan, he forecast sweeping the next general elections by dint of their ‘exemplary service’ to the public and great feats of national development.The prime minister said that contrary to wasteful Sasti Roti Scheme or lavish laptops distribution by the PML-N led Punjab government‚ the federal government launched Benazir Income Support Programme‚ which is recognised globally as one of the best programmes.A jiala died of heart stroke while leading a procession to the venue, where the prime minister reached at 4 pm – about five hours late from the scheduled time (11am) – to claim that “if there is democracy in the country today, it is due to the sacrifices of Bhuttos.”He said that the leaders of PPP were not ‘seasonal birds’ and that they have been leading the nation right from Zulifkar Ali Bhutto to Bilawal Bhutto Zardari. President Asif Ali Zardari, he added, was carrying forward the vision of Zulifkar Bhutto and Benazir Bhutto.It was the PPP leadership and workers who had opposed dictators like General Ayub Khan, Ziaul Haq and Pervaiz Musharraf, he said, adding, “History never lies. It will not forget the sacrifices of the PPP which it had rendered for the cause of democracy and challenged dictatorship.”Raja said their opponents should go through the verdict in the Asghar Khan case as the PPP did not need to read it because Benazir Bhutto had told them about the conspiracy behind the formation of IJI and stealing of PPP mandate when alive. “We know worth of everyone but are silent.”He said that the hostile forces had been forcing PPP to surrender by sending its leaders to jail, giving them capital punishment, and by spreading propaganda but its workers had always laid down their lives for a sublime cause and preferred to reconcile rather than to do the politics of revenge.The prime minister said that those who promote provincialism, racialism and sectarianism have weakened the country. He said the PPP was not power hungry rather it believed in service of the masses. He said the PPP believed in politics of reconciliation and never promoted hatred.Raja said it was time to hold each other’s hand and move along as the PPP had done in the light of the reconciliation policy, as envisaged by Benazir Bhutto, over the past 5 years. Earlier, the prime minister inaugurated sub regional office of SNGP and a passport office in Kasur. He also announced Bulleh Shah International University and a number of gas projects in Kasur.