LAHORE – Difa-e-Pakistan Caravan attracted thousands of people from various walks of life and workers of component parties of Defense of Pakistan Council. Highly charged participants were holding party flags, carrying banners and placards written with slogans against India and PPP-led government for awarding MFN status to arch-enemy against public aspirations.

The DPC leaders kept raising slogans against India throughout their journey with the participants and the passers-by responding them. The number of participants rose well above the expectations of the organizers as they faced difficulties in managing the security and control over the 4-km long caravan. According to impartial observers, the number of participants exceeded tens of thousands.

The long lines of trucks, buses, wagons, cars and motorcycles were seen as far as the view could be reached, as enthusiastic workers riding them were raising slogans against the US, Israel and India and in favour of freedom of Kashmir. They chanted the call of jihad against India as the only way to deal with conspiracies against Pakistan’s security, solidarity and unity. The huge rush of vehicles disrupted the arrangements and it caused a delay of two hours in beginning the 24-km march towards Wagah, the border crossing with India, where the participants reached after six hours. Over 3000 workers of Jamaat-ud-Dawah were performing security duties of the caravan with CCTV cameras and manning the ends and the sides of the rally throughout its route. Punjab police personnel were also deployed along the route to avoid any untoward incident. In addition to that, about 20 ambulances of Filah-e-Insaniyat Foundation were also accompanying the participants.

The participants were accorded warm welcome by local traders and workers with showering of rose petals and slogans at seven points during their journey towards Wagah. Those points included Lakshmi Chowk, Railway Station, Garhi Shahu, Baghbanpura, Shalamar Chowk, Salamatpura, Daroghawala and Jallo Morr.  The residents of these areas also climbed on their roof tops, balconies and other high positions to welcome the participants and also raised slogans along with the DPC leaders and workers.                                 -IG