Many decades have passed since his country, the world’s invariable power Soviet Union, became a relic of history but Gorbachev vividly remembers that it happened because he underestimated Afghanistan, he painfully had to dub as the ‘bleeding wound.’ But his time around, the old man is reflecting over the mistake the US has committed. He has warned that time is not far when the superpower too could meet the same fate. Surely, the last of the French contingent moving out from the country does not signal victory for the coalition forces. One might ask, what has the US gained after all the bloodletting? The world’s sole superpower is now befriending those, whom it went to fight against. Just at the time when the Soviet Union was at the zenith of power, anyone cautioning it against crossing the notorious Oxus river would have been shrugged off as a lunatic. But as things later turned out, like the almost invincible warrior Alexander and later the British, the USSR could not bear the fallout. Richard Holbrooke’s last comments spring to mind; “You have got to stop this war”. Having said that, all is not lost. For Afghanistan, the foreign nations must now embark on a new struggle of economic, social and educational reforms. The aid commitment should not die down. Given the damage they have dealt, these nations must now make up for lost time and opportunities by standing by the Afghans help take charge of their affairs in the post-war era.