RAWALPINDI – Construction work on three dams in Rawalpindi has been stopped due to the indifference of the Punjab government and financial hurdles.

Sources said the dream of provision of 37 million gallons of water to the city through construction of the dams could not be realised as yet.

This will lead to scarcity of water resource in the twin cities. The local population cannot rely on the underground storage of water, as it is also getting scarce. According to details, the project for building three dams, namely Charah dam, Chahan dam, and Darocha dam was approved but due to non-availability of funds, the work on these projects has been stopped.

Sources said Punjab government and Capital Development Authority were to build Charah dam bearing a cost of Rs 5300 million. After construction, the dam will have supplied 700 million gallons of water to Rawalpindi and Islamabad each, however, the dam could not be built, as the site for its construction could not be acquired.

Chahan dam was to be built on an area of 2500 kanals with the cost of Rs 787 million and it was to water a 12000 acre land. Only Rs 16 million were released out of Rs 100 million allocated for the project in the current financial year. Construction of the dam was started in June 2012 but is not going on presently.

Similarly Darocha dam was to enable a supply of 25 million gallon of water but till now location for making the dam is controversial.