Pakistanis were as shocked as Americans by the events in Sandy Hook, Connecticut, where a young man killed his mother, six other adults, and 20 little children at the Sandy Hook Elementary School on Friday, and was then killed by the police himself. The killer, Adam Lanza, belonged to a white, educated family, and his mother was a teacher at the school. It was very tragic that so many little children were killed, which left Pakistanis shocked, though they are used to little children dying. After all, so many children are killed by drone attacks, primarily Pakistani children. We need to mourn both. If Adam Lanza had problems, what about those who play video games, killing our children while sitting safe in CIA headquarters?

That he had problems was obvious. I mean, who without problems would mow down so many children? Parents in particular are very bothered. I mean, there’s enough trouble watching teachers who might batter children to death. Now you have to watch out for their children.

One clue might be found in the fact that the middle-aged elementary-school teacher had five licenced guns. That indicates how easy it was for the suspect to get the weapons he needed to carry out the massacre. The death toll makes it the worst massacre in a school in the USA, exceeding easily the 15 killed in the Columbus, Ohio, shootings of 1999.

One reason Pakistanis empathise is that they have gone through something similar. No, not a school massacre, but an American running wild with handguns. Yes, Raymond Davis. He was evidence that the USA was using the War on Terror as an excuse to send away from its own shores all those serial killers. After all, if any other county had experienced a massacre as at Columbus, there would have been gun controls put in place but not the USA, where it is still being debated. You see, the American Constitution, through its Second Amendment, protects the right to bear arms. They could learn from us, where arms are tightly controlled, admittedly to prevent rebellion, not to stop any freestyle and unilateral attempts to control the population.

It reflects American panic that no one has accused Lanza of being a terrorist. Perhaps his family is so white and prosperous that everyone knew the accusation wouldn’t wash. In fact, there hasn’t been a what-if report, about how other countries would have reacted to such a massacre. But if there had been, you can bet your boots that President Zardari would have sent in Rehman Malik. In fact, if Lanza had been a terrorist, Rehman Malik would have gone in as the Sole Warrior on Terror. President Obama, who is to be re-inaugurated again next month, must be regretting that he doesn’t have Rehman Malik at his side.

In fact, the whole massacre has shed a new light on the creation of Bangladesh. Someone in the Awami League must be kicking himself for not accusing the Pakistani forces of slaughtering children. There is no getting past the events of 1971, and while West Pakistanis have been accused of almost all sins under the sun, some of which, according to the law of averages, they must have committed, but child slaughter isn’t one of them. That we leave to civilized nations.

Just as much as we leave to another highly civilized country, India, attempts on the life of blind people, which had the captain of our blind cricket team in hospital after someone gave him cleaning fluid instead of water. And our cricketing authorities are so anxious for their tour to go ahead that they overlook this.

However, Rehman Malik was in India, signing a visa accord, and was not given any cleaning fluid. So maybe the blind cricket team captain shouldn’t complain too much. The people who should complain are the citizens of Peshawar, who have been attacked twice over the weekend. Here again, because it was a battle in the War on Terror, the forces against terror should have waited for Rehman Malik, but they didn’t, preventing him from sharing in the credit.

So whereas we have tragedies happening in Sandy Hook and Peshawar, we have Rehman Malik absent from both places. That shows how ungrateful people are, having tragedies while he is involved in an important diplomatic mission. And it seems that not just the American and Pakistani people are both acknowledging him, but Kashmiri leaders, who arrived on Saturday, have come to a Pakistan without him. Indeed, they are not scheduled to meet him. How then can the Kashmir issue be solved?