ISLAMABAD – American influence is overriding Pakistan’s dignity, sovereignty and interests and being compromised without considering national interests.

Pak-Iran gas pipeline, one of the most vital, yet long-delayed project, which was necessary for the survival of the country had been abandoned ending hopes of revival of shambling economy.

Dr Murtaza president of PEW has expressed strong dismay over the project to meet ever-increasing energy requirements is being abandoned over the dictation of Washington, which portrayed yet another example of compromising national interests to please others. “The sudden and unexpected cancellation of visit of President Asif Ali Zardari to Tehran where he was supposed to seal a final gas deal with his counterpart Mahmood Ahmadinejad without bothering to give any explanation is unfortunate, while silence of opposition over the issue was also shameful”, he opined.

He said that declining Iranian offer to provide $500 million to complete the pipeline while happily accepting US suggestion to make available $200 million for construction of Diamer-Bhasha Dam is something which will never go down well with masses.

Dr Murtaza was chagrined over $200 million monthly, Pakistan was supposed to pay to Iran whether Pakistan received any gas or not; “for which the incumbent government will be sole responsible, “ he said.

“Pakistan has sacrificed everything to support US which is against our national interests; he said adding that it is tragic that government has once again proved that we are unable to safeguard our interests”, he said, adding that there was no justification for turning back from a project that was in advance stages of implementation.

Rejecting the statement of spokesman of foreign office over President’s visit, he said that currently Pakistan depended on US Assistance for maintenance of tube wells and electricity meters.

“All this supports the belief that Pakistan is a collapsing state fallen in US trap”, he regretted.