ISLAMABAD – Illegal fruit market running in the area of Khanna Pull has turned into safe haven for criminals and murderers

This market is located alongside Expressway, which has now become a security risk. The alleged murderers are sitting there in the guise of owners of hand driven carts. They have killed at least 3 people so far including a lawyer and his brother.

VVP and VVIP traffic moves on this road. Obliviousness of police and administration towards these killings of people in vegetable market may lead to some terror act on expressway. Former Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz and Mian Nawaz Sharif were also attacked upon at a small distance from this market.

Intensified encroachments in the market have posed traffic jams as no one can even breathe at the time of closing hours of offices due to increased traffic jam. Citizens complained that the criminals have been let loose in this market because they give a major chunk of this extorted money to police and CDA.

 The social and religious circles and civil society members demanded immediate removal of this market.