Torture cases have become a norm in our society. Just recently an innocent labourer died in police custody and apparently it was a torture case. During the investigation it was disclosed that eight policemen were involved in this death and these offenders also contacted the widow to ask her to pay a bribe. Police teams are investigating the case. During the investigation an alarming fact came to light that an ASP is involved in the brutality. He is one of the eight police officials who were accused. That’s why people of Pakistan don’t trust their police because of their violent and inappropriate behavior. Who will punish the police for this and other dreadful acts that they perform in the name of duty? Some honest officers need to come forward to set an example. I keep hearing the police high up’s saying that there are a few rotten apples in the police force, but I would like to say that they are all rotten! Maybe we do have a few honest officers and they need to come forward and change the view the nation has of these corrupt people in an otherwise honourable institute.


Islamabad, December 11.