Let me take you back to the Stone Age days when people had nothing else to do except for hunting, eating and sleeping. There were ample resources at that time too but their brains were restricted to hunt, eat and sleep only. Then the time came when people started to avail the resources and now sadly is the time when we have enough resources but we are not utilizing them properly.

The darkest side of Pakistan is these never ending queues at CNG stations in Pakistan. The whole world is struggling in these never ending queues just to get their vehicles filled with CNG as this is comparatively cheaper than petrol. But at the end of day, people just don’t realise the damage it causes to the car engine and when in mileage is not that many miles, it doesn’t make much of a difference.

The only thing that the consumers have on their mind is that they have to get their vehicles filled with CNG so that they can save some amount of money, this

Either the CNG pumps should be closed or if they are to operate, they must be supplied with enough gas supply, which can be done through import of gas through Iran or by tapping indigenous gas reserves.


Lahore, December 13.