Business community condemned the terrorist attack on an army school in Peshawar where more than 150 people most of them children were killed and hundreds of others critically injured.

It said that Pakistan army should eliminate the terrorists who were playing with the lives of the innocent people. Multan Chamber of Commerce & Industry President Khalid Mehmood Zaffar said that it was shocking news for the business community that militants had attacked the school and took the lives of children and teachers and injured hundreds of others.

He, on behalf of the business community, expressed solidarity with the armed forces which were in war against the terrorists in KP and North and South Waziristan. They lauded the efforts of army soldiers who saved the lives of children by taking timely action. A no-profit organisation thanked PTI Chairman Imran Khan for postponing anti-government protest due to the terrorist attack.

Meanwhile, former Punjab advocate general Mustafa Ramday has condemned the terrorist attack on the school children. Talking to journalists at his hometown Pirmahal, he said national unity was need of the hour. Everyone should keep a vigilant eye on the anti state-elements, he said.

Sialkot, Peshawar attack is an act of infidels and no Muslim can commit such inhumane act. If it happens some so-called Muslim organisations or individual are involved in this terror act, ulema and religious scholars should declared them as non-Muslim, said PPP District Information Secretary Abdullah Saleem. “It is the government’s conciliatory stance which led to the gruesome incident, he claimed.

Khawaja Awais Mushtaq, candidate for DBA president’s slot said that the moment we heard about this mournful incident, “we stopped our campaign there and then and lawyers of Sialkot will observe three days strike to mourn the incident.” Zulfiqar Dhuddi, another presidential candidate condemned “all fish mongers on or off the scene who are behind this incident”. Saeed Bhalli, candidate for Secretary Sialkot Bar, paid his heartiest condolences to families of the martyrs. Moreover, lawyer organizations including ULF, SLF, GLF, ALF and Iqbalians unanimously condemned the brutal attack on School children and called it an act of cowardice.

In Hafizabad, local political and social workers have expressed their sorrow and grief over the terrorists attack on students of Army Public School in Peshawar and killing more than 130 innocent students and injuring more than 200 hundred students. They called upon all the political parties to shun their petty differences and unite to eliminate terrorism and thwart evil designs of anti-state and anti-Islam forces.

They also condemned the attack of workers of PTI on the mediamen and a woman anchor of a channel in Lahore and termed it shameful act of the workers of PTI. They have called upon the government to take stern action against the accused.

Meanwhile, the journalists of Hafizabad have today protested against the vandalism on the journalists of a channel and termed it attack on the freedom of press. They expressed their solidarity with the victims and called upon the government to provide protection to the journalists and provide deterrent punishment to the vandals who were harassing the journalists and creating hurdles in the performance of their professional duties.