LAHORE (PR): Launching ceremony of ‘Do Tok’ was held on November 23 at AI-Hamra. “Do Tok” is a book written by Zulfiqar Ahmed Cheema, Inspector General, Motorway Police - a man of ‘Do Tok’ repute. He is a self-ornamented with honesty, no surrender and no compromise. Compliments, the author received by big brains sitting there, spoke of what is called both awards & rewards.

Sometimes words become an asset for the one who deserves. I, being one of the audience, could not help thinking that Cheema is a ceremony, the Heavens above, in some ceremonious mood had launched long long ago, because our physical eye takes centuries to catch such spectacular moments. I, being a Pakistani, am sheerly proud of Zulfiqar Cheema who is an asset not only to the soil but an inspiration for the souls also. (Akhlaq Ahmad Qureshi)