There is a massive exodus of educated people, with brilliant minds, and this should be worrying for the government. Highly qualified and educated people are leaving because there is no hope in this country for any bright future. The rising trend of going abroad for education, jobs and settling down is because of low salaries, poverty, social disorder, lack of transport, education and medical facilities, rising rate of crime, increase in terrorism, collapse of state institutions, height of inflation, instability of democracy and economy.

The list is unending resulting in brain drain. People and students are applying for different type of visas to western and Gulf countries who welcome them with open arms. They are offered excellent salaries, a higher standard of living and a secure life. Government should take steps to stop this drain of skillful professionals by giving job opportunities and high salaries. Bribery and recommendations are also causing frustration among the youth, there should be hiring on merit, and we should be looking into programs devised to promote policies based on quality of work, and not according to the tenor of the job.


Islamabad, December 13.