Declassified documents of the CIA, Snowden’s disclosures, Wiki Leaks’ leaks and most of the Indian and Bengali authors like Manaksha, Arun Dhati Roy and Sarminla Bose, admit that the dismembering of Pakistan and creation of Bangladesh was part of a greater conspiracy, and Awami League’s Mujibur Rehman was only part of the conspiracy. This has also been revealed by a UK journalist, David Bergman, who has been convicted by Hasina Wajid’s court for being critical of the recent, war crime death sentences, to some pro-Pakistan JI leaders.

A similar conspiracy, on further dismembering Pakistan, is reportedly being followed to separated Baluchistan, which is being openly admitted by the Indians as they are supporting, funding and arming the Baloch insurgents, but also harbouring and sheltering Brahamdagh Bugti and other rebels, as well as training and running camps to infiltrate terrorists. This conspiracy seems to have international backing, as the US Senate Committee has already held hearing on Baluchistan to suggest its secession. Various world countries are sheltering Baloch separatist leaders and the funding is going on unabated.

Indian PM Modi’s government has suspended talks on the pretext that Pakistan is exporting terrorism. Gen. Musharraf, the other day asked BBC in an interview why India is not dubbed as exporter of terrorism when there are documentary evidences and proofs of it? Similarly, the Mujib led separatist move was a political one, just as in the ongoing insurgency, the onus is on political leadership to come forward and resolve it. So why should the 1971-debacle be called a military defeat and why not a political one? And why is the current mess not being called a political mishandling and not a militarily one? Army operation must always be a last option, exhausting all other options. Are we left with no other option but to call military in and shift the responsibility from politicians to generals?


Rawalpindi, December 15.