Mini buses, trucks, coasters, cars, jeeps, motorbikes, cycles, rickshaws and how can I forget Qinchis? All on the same road and in any lane that the driver likes to travel, there is no speed limit or traffic laws on the streets of our cities. Vehicles are over loaded and cause traffic jams that lead to late arrival at schools, offices, colleges and universities. Government should take a strict action against this problem, as it is also one of the major reasons for horrible accidents. Many lose their lives on the roads because of overtaking or over speeding. Pedestrians hate using the pedestrian bridge and cross the roads by risking their life.

No strict action is taken in such cases. Qinchi drivers overload their Qinchis with people that often results in tripping it. Families of five riding on bicycles, putting at risk their lives and others, at night they rush between cars, speeding and destructive. There seems to be no management even though this government made many tall promises but nothing has improved. If they cannot mange traffic how can we trust them to run the country?


Karachi, December 14.