LAHORE - The provincial capital plunged into a state of scare as the media broke the Peshawar devastation. Most of the people watching the sequel of sad story on the TV screens broke into tears.

The tragedy remained the talk of the town while a number of functions were put off. People expressed their resolve to counter terrorism with full force and determination.

A reception arranged for the Pakistan Hockey Team on its arrival from India after winning Silver in the Champions Trophy was also cancelled. Prayers were offered for the departed souls while people also shared the grief with the bereaved though social media. Students also showed sympathy with the bereaved parents.

They strongly supported the ongoing military operation against the militants who claimed the responsibly of this gory act as a reaction to Zarb-e-Azb. They appreciated the role Pakistan Army is playing to root out terrorism. The citizens called for forging unity to fight off militancy.

They also called for a complete investigation into the incident to know if the militants and miscreants are being sponsored by the outside powers. People stressed the need for improving surveillance of the nefarious elements by devising a state-of-art mechanism.  They raised demand for a political will and consensus of all political parties to deal with the miscreants with iron hands. They said it was it was time not to do politics but to get one against enemies of Pakistan and the nation.

They said anti-state elements could not be curbed unless an aboveboard and true investigations without observing any expediencies, is conducted and a national policy is framed on its basis against the miscreants. They also had reservations about the claims of unity being made by the rulers and the political elite.

Punjab TO mourn FOR TRHEE DAYS

The Punjab government has declared three-day province wide mourning over the Peshawar school carnage that claimed over 130 lives of children. The national flag shall be flown at half-mast for three days on government buildings.

Moreover, the Punjab civil secretariat employees associations have strongly condemned the attack. The office bearers in a meeting said that the terrorists were enemy of the humanity and deserved severe punishment.